Temporarily, Academy Boarding Kennels & Grooming Salon is proud to serve the New Mexican Kennels clientele. We want to help satisfy grooming and care needs as New Mexican Kennels has done so for so many years.

Treat Your Pet to a Grooming

Pet Grooming in Albuquerque, NM

Your Pet Deserves a “Spaw” Day

Allow our highly-skilled grooming staff at Academy Boarding Kennels & Grooming Salon in Albuquerque, NM, to treat your pet to a pamper session. Along with comfortable boarding, we offer dog grooming, cat bathing, and all of the features to have your pet looking maintained and beautiful.

Your adorable furry family member deserves a “spaw” day just as we enjoy a spa day for ourselves. They deserve exceptional care and ultimate relaxation, and our trained staff is happy to deliver. We look forward to providing a luxurious and comfortable experience for your cat or dog at your convenience.

Keeping Your Pet Groomed & Beautiful

We have a patient and experienced grooming staff at Academy Boarding Kennels & Grooming Salon dedicated to keeping your pet groomed and beautiful. With the use of various high-quality grooming styles and techniques, we will treat your pet to an attractive and practical trim and luxurious bath.

Our top priority is ensuring your pet feels comfortable and calm during their grooming session. Your pets are allowed to potty in a safe grassed area during their grooming or bathing session. If your pet is boarding with us, please call us on the day of their departure for an “exit” bath or grooming.

We recommend grooming every four to six weeks for small or medium-sized dogs and every three to four months for larger dogs. We are happy to schedule your pet’s grooming appointment and give you a reminder call before the day of your scheduled appointment.

Personalized Care

When you book a grooming appointment with us, your pet receives exceptional and personalized care. We are one of the very few grooming salons in the area that offers cat grooming and dog grooming. If your pet needs any special services or requests, we are happy to accommodate any possible need to ensure their experience is a great one.
“We have always been happy, and our dogs were well cared for. Our furkids would rather we never go on vacation, but we feel better knowing they are safe and sound. We call in for progress reports /updates when they were aged, and the staff was always helpful”
Julie G
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