Exceptional Pet Boarding

Treat Your Pet to A Comfortable Stay

Are you traveling out of town and need a trusted and responsible place to board your pet? Academy Kennels Boarding & Grooming Salon in Albuquerque, NM, is happy to provide a safe and comfortable pet kennel. We are capable of housing any animal, from canines and kittens to birds and guinea pigs.

With affordable pricing and exceptional care, there’s no other place you can count on to keep your pet comfortable and at ease during their time away from home. We also offer pet grooming and bathing to clients in surrounding areas and from New Mexican Kennels.

We have implemented several requirements for your pet to stay with us to keep all pets who board with us safe and comfortable.


Rates Per Day


Two compatible dogs can be boarded per suite.

  • 10% discount on 2nd, 3rd, etc. pets of the same species.
  • 10% discount any stay over 30 days.
34.00 per night

Jumbo Run

  • Plus $30.60 for 2nd dog.
52.00 (1st pet)
Day Care for Dogs (10% discount on 2nd, 3rd, etc. pets of the same species.) 20.00
CATS 22.00 per night
Day Care for cats (no discount for additional pets) 10.00
BIRDS 15.00 (per cage)
RABBITS & FERRETS 22.00 (per cage)

Charges for Extra Services

Special Diet (owners supplies dog food)
Special diet for cats, rabbits, ferrets, and birds is free of charge
1.50 per day
Medication 1.50 per day
Playtime On The Greens (dogs only – recommended) 12.00 per session
2 dogs from the same family 15.00 per session
Confirmation on Vaccination Out of Town 2.50 per call
Emergency Trip To Veterinarian 50.00
After Hours Check-In or Check-Out (per pet) 50.00


*Check out after 12:00 pm for dogs and cats will be charged 1/2 rate.

Boarding Requirements

At Academy Kennels Boarding & Grooming Salon, we want to ensure all animals’ safety with several requirements. We only accept healthy pets to be boarded at our facility and are no longer able to board pets on insulin. To enhance transparency, we require contact numbers for each trip. Also, we will only release pets to their owners unless previous arrangements are made.


We require several vaccines for our furry guests to promote the safety of our facility. The rabies vaccination is required for both canine and feline guests.

Dogs must have a current combination DA2PP vaccine, either a one-year or a three-year, and a Bordetella vaccine. We do accept titers for DA2PP, and they must be between the acceptable limits. Cats are required to have a current feline distemper vaccination.

If you choose or need to update your pet’s vaccinations before an expected stay with us, you must do that ten days before your pet’s visit. If you fax over your current vaccination papers, please include your scheduled check-in date on your receipt.

Fleas & Ticks

Please inform us if your pet has been exposed to or has any fleas or ticks, so we can take necessary precautions and not allow them near our other boarders. If any pet is observed as having fleas or ticks, we will give them a mandatory flea and tick bath, and the charge will be added to your bill.


We do not accept any bedding from owners in our facility to decrease the possibility of any fleas or ticks entering the kennel. We will provide bedding for dogs and should an older dog require special services, we will accommodate.

puppy with glasses
“Our dogs love the staff at Academy. We have one dog in particular who has not let anyone clip his nails but now has been great with groomers at Academy. They have large runs and a very clean kennel. It is the only kennel in town I trust to take care of our dogs while we are out of town.”
Christopher B
If you have any questions about our rates or requirements, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at 505-884-7878 today!

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